Our Story

About Us:

Piada features a full espresso bar with an outdoor terrace with music starting this spring.

Piada also makes an incredible, authentic Piadina. A Piadina is an Italian flat bread sandwich. This Piadina flat bread comes from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy which is absolutely delicious.

Our Story:

Antonio Russo & Ginette Blanchette founded Piada to bring good Italian specialties to the west island of Montreal and the Marche de l'Ouest. Friendly faces and superb service and enthusiam makes for an unforgetable experience only found at Piada.

Our Mission:

To serve authentic and incredible deserts, coffees and sandwiches to everyone.

Piada specializes in authentic Italian gelato and gelato cakes. They also serve a Sicilian canoli filled with gelato, perfect for parties and events.