Our Ingredients

At piada we use only the highest quality ingredients, most of wich are imported directly from Italy. All our sandwiches and salads are prepared "on the spot" in order to guarantee the maximum freshness possible.


Whenever possible we use organic vegetables tha are locally grown. This way we support our community, we can guarantee the maximum freshness and we contribute to a greener planet.

Cold Cuts are cured meat products and predominantly made from pork. The term also encompasses bresaola, which is made from beef, and also cooked products such as mortadella and prosciutto cotto. In the past these were all made when hogs were butchered in late fall or early winter, and set aside to guarantee a supply of meat during the warmer months when uncured meats would spoil rapidly. We don't compromise on authenticity, that's why all our meats are imported from Italy.

One upon a time, Italian families existed in a world full of passion for cheese-making. They took to the hills with horses and mules- up into the Alpine valleys where the major part of the population dedicated themselves to milk and cheese production. Refrigeration is a fairly new commodity. Before this, grottos or caves were used due to their cool and stable temperatures that are sustained all year around; the perfect atmosphere for owners in aging their cheeses. The same instruments are used today in cheese producing; wood shelves, water, salt, oil to clean the crusts, little hammers and cutting boards. Making cheese is not a difficult technique; you don't have to be an alchemist to fulfill this cheese-making dream; experimenting would do just fine. The three elements one needs are; milk, rennet, and salt. Nothing else is needed to obtain cheese!

We are Italians and we love coffee. And we want our customer to enjoy the best coffee ever. Following this philosophy we are proud to serve Danesi coffee and only locally produced organic milk.